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Dry Ice Equipment Exchange


Benefit from years of industry-leading experience with Dryex where our expertise ensures you receive exceptional advice and solutions tailored to your specific dry ice blasting requirements.

Why Choose Dryex?

Quality Assurance: Each piece of equipment undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure it meets industry standards.

Competitive Prices: Enjoy significant savings on reliable equipment without compromising on quality.

Wide Selection:  A wide range of equipment and accessories, including blast hoses, nozzles, and various machines, tailored to meet diverse application needs.

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Cold Jet Pelletizers

Cold Jet is the global leaders in Dry Ice Production Equipment. PR350H & PR750H Pelletizers 

produce fresh, high-quality dry ice on demand! 


Cold Jet C100

The Aero C100 is the most powerful and efficient dry ice blasting machine ever. This machine has only 40 hours of use.


Cold Jet PCS 60

Cold Jets newest series, The Aero 2 PCS 60.

This machine is in excellent working order with 88 hours of use. 


Cold Jet i3Microclean

Available for immediate sale is the Coldjet i3 Microclean dry ice blasting machine, which is in near perfect condition with 56 hours of use. 


Karcher IB 15/120

The Ice Blaster IB 15/120 is one of the most powerful dry ice blasting machines on the market. The15/120 is powerful, robust and extremely reliable


Cold Jet PLT 60

Available for immediate sale is the Coldjet PLT 60 Dry Ice Blasting machine which is in good used condition with 31.5 hours of use. 

Whether you are BUYING or SELLING 

please feel free to give us a call.


Millions of Applications

Endless Job Opportunities

Excellent Revenue Generating Potential

Environmentally Clean Process

No Secondary Waste


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