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Cold Jet PLT 60 Dry Ice Blaster

31.5 Hours

Cold Jet PLT 60 Used/Referbished
cold jet aero 2 PLT 60
Cold jet aero 2 PLT 60 Dry Ice blaster

Available for immediate sale is the Coldjet PLT 60 Dry Ice Blasting machine which is in good used condition with 31.5 Hours of use. It has been tested and fully serviced.

Cold Jet recently released the PLT 60 with the NEW Aero2 technology. The PLT 60 is designed for applications that require maximum aggression. With PLT machines, you can blast with up to 250 PSI of pressure using proprietary nozzles for high performance. Lower the pressure and engage the fragmenting nozzles for a gentle and thorough cleaning. Please see the specifications listed below.


The PLT 60 utilizes Aero advancements with a ‘straight through’ air system and redesigned SureFlow™ feeding system, minimizing air pressure loss and dry ice sublimation within the machine. This allows the user to maximize air supply yield and reduce dry ice waste.


The 7” LCD screen and digital controls, the PLT 60 allows the user to easily view and adjust blasting parameters and machine settings on the fly. The machine also features programmable application recipes, which allows users to set and save blasting parameters, such as blast pressure and feed rate. The Cold Jet CONNECT system provides on-site remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Cold Jet PLT 60 Complete With The Following Equipment:

1        PLT 60 Dry Ice Blasting Machine (Only 31.5 Hours)

1        1" x 20' Blast Hose

1        1" Blast Nozzle

1        Performance Blast Applicator 

Asking Price: Call for pricing

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)   

Shipping Is Available

​Ask about our Warranty Repair Credit.

Large Selection of Nozzles and Blast hoses to choose from. 

For more information or to purchase please call

226-678-2673 or email

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