Littmann LT-280 Double Action Dry Ice Blaster

(USED - Like New)

The LT-280 is the ultimate in flexibility with a patented, integrated pellet grinding system. Apart from conventional pellet blasting capabilities, the LT-280 gives you particle blasting capability. The most versatile machine on the market.  Two units in one. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a flexible and powerful dry ice blasting machine.


This machine was purchased NEW and was used for one job. It was stores since then as in Like NEW Condition.


Mobile & User Friendly

Pneumatic Controls. No electricity needed.
Compact & Mobile. Only 56 kg / 123 lbs.
Powerful. Up to 15bar/218psi blast pressure.
Economical. Low Dry Ice consumption
Dry Ice is WATER FREE!
Dry Ice is Not Conductive.
No secondary waste! Dry Ice reverts to natural CO2 vapor on impact.



Blast Pressure 2-15 bar / 30-218 psi
Air Flow 0.8-12m3min / 30-420cfm
Dry Weight 56 kg / 123 pounds
Ice Delivery p/hour 15-75kg / 30-165lbs
Ice Hold Capacity 45 kg / 100 pounds
Dimensions H 102 x W 36 x D 53 cm 


System Package Includes

LT-280 Blast Unit (USED, Like NEW)

1        5m/16.5ft Air Hose Package (16’)

1       10 m/16.5ft Air Hose Package (32’)

1       Stainless Steel Gun Assembly


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