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IceTech Xtreme 40 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

311 Hours

used cold jet dry ice blasting machine used xtreme 40

The Xtreme 40 3/4" heavy duty dry ice blasting machines is designed for demanding applications. Perfect for the professional user, it allows for low or high pressure dry ice blasting. The additional hopper capacity is suited for continuous, uninterrupted industrial cleaning. With blasting dry ice consumption ranging from 1.1 lbs per minute up to 3.7 lbs per minute, the Xtreme 40 3/4" dry ice blasting machine is appropriate for a wide variety of industrial applications including tire molds, extrusion molds, mold remediation and fire restoration. All of the multi-powered dry ice blasting machines in the Evolution Line offer a stainless steel modern design with a powerful 24 volt DC motor, user friendly control panels with LED notifications, insulated hoppers with a sideways 90 degree opening for easy access and quick change dosing discs for straight forward maintenance.


·       Dimensions: 31.3” x 21” x 38.9”

·       Weight: 257 lbs

·       Hopper Capacity: 88.2 lbs

·       Dry Ice Consumption: 1.1 - 3.7 lbs./min, adjustable

·       Supply Air Pressure: psi: min 72 - max 232

·       Air Consumption Range: CFM: 25 - 353

·       Blast Pressure Range: psi: min 29 - max 232

IceTech Xtreme 40 Dry Ice Blasting system complete with the following equipment

1         IceTech Xtreme 40 Dry Ice Blasting Machine (311 Hours)

1         32’ x 3/4" heavy duty blasting hose

1         1” Air Supply Hose 

1         Heavy duty LED 3/4" Ice Gun

1         High flow IT3 kit

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