Coldjet PR120H Dry Ice Pelletizer

High Quality Dry Ice On Demand

Excellent Condition

This Coldjet PR120H Dry Ice Pelletizer is the perfect machine for a company looking for small to medium dry ice production capacity on demand.  This machine is ideal for anyone looking for dry ice for cooling, shipping, or the small to medium dry ice blasting contractor looking to produce high density quality dry ice for their blasting needs.


This machine has approximately 2,000 hrs and was used in a low production environment for approximately 2 years, and they have recently upgraded to a high production Coldjet machine for their current production requirements. 


With minimal space requirements the PR120H is the end user’s answer for producing quality dry ice pellets on demand. Fast start-up time due to advanced purge and CO2 injection technology. The PR120H can produce 265 lb/hr of high-quality dry ice pellets.


Capacity: Up to 265 lb/hr

Dry Ice Particle Size: 3 mm (Optional: 16mm)

Length x Width x Height: 45 in x 25 in x 68 in

Weight: 1,552 lb* Includes Hydraulic Oil

Power Supply: 3 x 480 V AC / 60Hz

Manufactured 2017

Shipping Dimensions: 60”L x 48”W x 64”H  

Weight: 1500 lbs

Asking Price: SOLD     

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