“Unique Purchase Opportunity”

Coldjet P1500 Dry Ice Pelletizer (Mfg. 2013)

1200 Lbs. / Hour

Only 182 Hours, Excellent Condition

For the Any Serious Dry Ice Production Facility, Manufacturer, or Blasting Contractor

We recently purchased this amazing Cold Jet P1500 Dry Ice Pelletizer which is in Like-NEW condition. The machine was used sparingly in a low production facility and has Only 182 Hours of operation. It has been unused for the last 1½ years.


This is an Exceptional Opportunity for anyone looking for a machine that will produce high quality ice pellets or nuggets in high volume without having to pay the price for NEW. It is ready to be installed and put to work in a production environment. This is a small footprint machine that will fit into most facilities without any issues providing maximum productivity in minimum floor space.  It is built on a welded tubular frame with forklift tubes for ease of transport and placement.


The Cold Jet P1500 Pelletizer will produce on demand up to 1,200 lbs (546 kg) per hour of consistent, high-density dry ice pellets or nuggets.


The machine comes complete with (2) 3mm extrusion dies. Dry ice made through precision dies offers the best blast cleaning performance and better transportability, significantly reducing sublimation and waste.


Specifications:  (are approximate)

Dimensions (with chutes and exhausts)

W 49” x L 84” x H 84” W 124.5 x L 213.4 x H 213.4 cm

Construction All welded steel

Dry Weight 3725 lbs / 1693 kg

Hydraulic Oil (included)

30 gallons / 113.6 liters (Additional Weight)

Avg Power Consumption 8.5 kW

Hydraulic Motor 20 HP

Production Output 1200 lbs/hr / 545.5 kg/hr

Footprint 28.58 sq. ft. / 2.655 m2

Massive Savings Over New

Looking for Offers (USD Funds)

For Serious Offers Only

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)*

 *Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available

For more information or to purchase please call Matt Bralovich at 226-678-2673

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