Coldjet AeRO V Dry Ice Blasting System

(Only 24.5 Original Hours)

This is a great opportunity for someone who requires dry ice blasting to purchase the technology at an affordable price.

This Dry Ice Blasting was purchased by a company in the technology industry and used for a short duration. This machine show some slight cosmetic wear on the control panel but otherwise shows very little wear. You won't find a nicer machine for the price. This unit is ideally suited for small to medium applications where light aggression is required. It would also be perfect for cleaning applications in the industrial sector or where plastic molds and equipment require cleaning.


Affordable, reliable cleaning solutions.

The Aero V offers an affordable, environmentally-responsible cleaning solution. The lightweight, compact, single-hose Aero V electric dry ice blast cleaning system utilizes dry ice pellets in a patented aerodynamic rotor that ensures high reliability and smooth pulse-free dry ice blasting performance. Everything you need at a price you can afford.

Benefits include: Reliable pellet flow, No clogging, easy to maintain, safe operation, minimal air/ice usage, pulse-free blasting, most advanced nozzle selection, ESD (static) control

Hopper capacity: 30 lbs capacity

Variable feed rate: 0 - 3 lbs per min

Blast pressure range: 20 to 140 psi

With optional pressure regulator:

Supply pressure range

Aero V                       65 to 140 psi

Air consumption range: 50 to 215 cfm at 80 psi

Weight: 165 lbs

Size: (L x W x H) 28" x 17" x 32"


Complete with the following equipment:

Coldjet AeRO V Dry Ice Blasting Machine (Only 24.5 Hours of Use, Mfg. 2013)

1       Optional Pressure Regulator

1       20' Air Supply Hose

1       20' X 1" Rubber Blast hose

1       Applicator (Gun)

1       5E0175 23" Full Pressure Blast Nozzle

        Instructional User's Manual

Save Thousands Over Replacement Cost.

Asking Price: $11,500.00 USD


Optional Items:

1       20' X 1" Rubber Blast hose       $750.00

         A wide selection of nozzles are available for purchase

         (Dependent on specific applications)

1       90 Degree tight access nozzle (USED)    $1,200.00

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)*

 *Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available

For more information or to purchase please call Matt Bralovich at 226-678-2673

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