Coldjet Aero 75 HP DX

Very Nice Condition (359 hrs)

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This machine is the DX model allowing it to perform in a range of up to 300 PSI and 400 CFM making the Aero 75DX one of the most aggressive machine on the market. The Aero 75 DX has been upgraded to a HP. It is ready to be put to work in even the most demanding environment.


While it is an older model these units have historically been known to work flawlessly for many years. It is similar to the Cold Jet Aero 80 at less than ½ the price. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity.  


· Hopper size: 75 lbs

· Feed rate 0-7 lbs/min

· Dimensions 40" x 20" x 37"

· Weight 315 Lbs.

· Air consumption 50-215 CFM at 80 psi

· Blast pressure 20-250 psi



Coldjet AeRO 75 DX Dry Ice Blasting system complete with the following equipment

1        Coldjet AeRO 75 DX Dry Ice Blasting machine (359 Hours) Upgraded to HP

1         25’ Air Supply Hose

1         20’  1 ¼” Urebrade Blast Hose with Control Cable
1         Performance Applicator
1         5E0190 3” Blast Nozzle
1         Anti-Static Cable

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Optional Equipment
Large Selection of Nozzles and Blast hoses to choose from. 

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