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Cold Jet i3 Microclean

(47 Hours)

used cold jet i3 microclean dry ice blaster

Available for immediate sale is the Coldjet i3 Microclean dry ice blasting machine, in excellent condition with 47 Hours. It has been fully tested.


When precision counts, the single hose electric i3 MicroClean featuring Cold Jet’s patented shaved dry ice technology is the perfect choice. This environmentally responsible dry ice blasting system enables you to safely clean delicate surfaces and complex cavities and crevices that other machines can’t reach – all without surface abrasion, disassembly, or harmful secondary waste. With the i3 MicroClean’s precision control you will be able to deburr/deflash even the most delicate products. This portable machine can be used for a large number of manufacturing and industrial applications.


​The i³ MicroClean is an innovative, lightweight, compact, single-hose low pressure, electric blasting system that utilizes dry ice block with as little as 12 cfm and blasts at variable air pressures from 20 to 140 psi (1.4 to 9.7 bar).


·     Hopper size: 20 lbs (9.1 kg)

·     Feed rate: 0-1.2 lbs/min (0-0.5 kg/min)

·     Dimensions: 22" x 16" x 21" (55.9 x 40.6 x 53.3 cm)

·     Weight: 130 lbs (59.1 kg)

·     Air consumption: 12-50 CFM (0.3-1.4 m³/min) at 140 PSI (9.7 bar)

·     Blast pressure: 20-140 PSI (1.4-9.7 bar)

·     Min Blast pressure: 20 PSI (1.4 bar) with optional pressure regulator

·     Inlet air connection - 3/8" quick-disconnect coupler

The i³ MicroClean dry ice blasting system includes:

·     Coldjet i3 Microclean Block Shaving Dry Ice Blasting Machine (47 Hours)

·     12’ Rubber Blast Hose

·     25’ of ½” Air Supply Hose

·     Ergonomic Applicator w/ LED Lights

·     2 Nozzles

·     Rolling Cart

·     Ice Storage Cooler

Asking Price: SOLD

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)  

*Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available

Ask about our Warranty Repair Credit.

​​For more information please call​

226-678-2673 or email

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