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Cold Jet Aero 75 Dry Ice Blaster

276 Hours

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Coldjet AeRO 75 Dry Ice blasting machine is the original flagship dry ice blasting machine that Coldjet built its name on.  It is a machine suited for both dry ice blasting contractors and plant maintenance staff. It will blast up to 7 lbs of ice when required making it one of the most aggressive machines on the market. 

While it is an older machine,

these units have historically been known to work flawlessly for many years.


Coldjet AeRO 75 Dry Ice Blasting machine complete with the following equipment

1              Coldjet AeRO 75 Dry Ice Blasting machine (276 Hours)

1              1” x 25’ Air Supply Hose 

1              1”x20’  Urebrade Blast Hose      

1              Coldjet Applicator 

1              323V1 1" Fragmenting Blast Nozzle

1              Anti-Static Cable

Asking Price: SOLD

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)  

*Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available

​Ask about our Warranty Repair Credit.

Optional Equipment
Large Selection of Nozzles and Blast hoses to choose from. 

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​​For more information please call

226-678-2673 or email

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