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C02 Air Pelletizer Series 1000 P2 1008
657 Hours

1A CO2 Air -Tomco Pelletizer P2-1000 lbs.png

The C02 Air Pelletizer shown in this offering was originally bought by a large corporation and was put into service.  While in service the machines were used sparingly.  After a short period the pelletizer was no longer used and remained in the plant with out use for a number of years.  The machine was removed by competent operators from its original location. 

Prior to removing from service, the pelletizer was examined and tested to ensure everything was in good working order, and ready to be put back into service.

Please see the test videos below.

The machines will be cleaned thoroughly when they arrive at Dryex.

This machine comes with a weigh scale, complete with integrated programable pedestal to control automated weighing and measurement functions.


Drive Media: Hydraulic 30HP

Standard Voltage: 240/480, 3Ph., 60Hz

Footprint: 120”L x 46”W x 84”H

Weight: Approximately 4500 lbs.

Hydraulic Oil Capacity:  120 US Gal.

Pellet Sizes: 1/8”, 1/4”,  9/16”(std.), 3/4”

Production Rate: 500 pounds per hour or 1000 pounds per hour.  (Picture shown is the 1000 pound per hour model, P2-1008.)

Asking Price: SOLD

Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)  

*Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available

Ask about our Warranty Repair Credit.





​​For more information please call

226-678-2673 or email

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