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(2) Custom Thermal Applications Air Handler Units NEW


2 Complete Air Handling Systems available for immediate sale. These units were built for a project that was never completed. They are made with the best materials including stainless steel, nickel alloys & titanium. They are NEW. These air handlers can be adapted into many existing systems.


These units are located in St. Thomas, Ontario. We will assist in the load out. We will provide the forklift to any flatbed trailer with easy yard access. We can accommodate shipping arrangements, but they will be the responsibility of the buyer. All shipping and removal costs are the responsibility of the buyer.


The specs for the Air Handlers are as follows:

Custom Thermal Applications, Brampton, Ontario

Appliance Type:                   HVAC Unit

Serial #:                              CTA12017-M-1

Power:                                480V / 3 PH 60 HZ

Powe Input:                          15 HP

Cooling Input:                      650,800 BTU / HR

Cooling Media :                   Chilled Water 45 F EWT

Heating Input:                      494,700 BTU / HR

Heating Media:                    Hot Water 180 F EWT

Humidification Input:             525 LBS/ HR

Humidification Media:          Steam 10 PSI


Please refer to the photos of the manufacturers ID tags included in this posting.


Custom Thermal Applications is a Custom manufacturer of air handling systems. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative designs ensure reliable, safe, and low-maintenance systems that operate at max-efficiency. They can integrate into many existing systems and are compatible with many industrial applications.


Here is a comprehensive list of the industries we serve that utilize the applications listed above:

  • Beverage, Bottling, and Canning

  • Baking

  • Car, Truck, and Tank Washing

  • Foundries

  • Chemicals

  • Commercial Laundry

  • Concrete Mix

  • Dairy and Food Processing

  • Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

  • Metal Processing

  • Painting and Coating

  • Plastics

  • Textiles

  • Automotive Manufacturing


Plus appropriate taxes. (No tax on a US Sale)  

*Purchaser is responsible to determine what taxes if any may apply to this sale.

Shipping Is Available


For more information please call

226-678-2673 or email

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